Themes for the future

Jane sent me a list last night of some potential future themes. I wanted to keep them handy so i'm posting them here. This friday will be "Songs That Tell A Story." The following friday will be a Labor Day theme (think blue collar, work, hate-work, labor etc...) Here are some fresh ideas for the later ones!

* Ladies First
* Guilty Pleasures
* Novelties
* Great Instrumentals
* Break Up Mixtape
* Love You Mixtape
* Get Political
* From the Movies
* Colors
* Numbers
* Animals
* Geography
* Biographies 
* Fight Songs
* Metaphors (a la "Ignition" - may be tough)
* Foreign Lands (or Language)
* Heaven & Hell
* Delicious Duets
* Planes, Trains & Automobiles
* Best Covers
* One Hit Wonders
* School Days

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Catching up: 4 new posts

I've been socking away songs for a couple of weeks with the intention of getting them posted, but time's got away from me. Lots a work and bike-riding and painting. So... today you'll find 4 new songs posted! Enjoy!



The Arcade Fire brings it!

I was lucky enough to score a ticket to The Arcade Fire last night, and what a show. From the opening song to the final encore, it was a energetic and HUGE. Live, my favorite performances were from songs off of Funeral, with the exception of "My Body is a Cage" which was enormous and swelling and dramatic. What fun. It's rare to see a live band with SO MUCH energy. I'd post a song but you know what these guys sound like, right? I found a set list online (photo on the left).



Reasons and excuses

Thought i should write about this. A few weeks ago my iPod melted down, and it took my iTunes library with it. I won't get into details, but basically i lost all of my ratings data and playlists in iTunes. These were the heart of my planning and frontloading the content for this blog, so it's been a bit of a struggle *finding* the songs i wanted to post again.

Look for a revitalization on this blog in the next week or so. I'm working on it!



New Beginnings

I decided this morning that i'm ready to do a music blog again. I called "cigit" in 2004 - so this is CIGIT 2.0 (dull, huh?). Back then i was hipper and way more on top of new music. Things are different now but my approach and purpose is very much the same as it was 3 years ago. I listen to A LOT of music - and i want to share some of the best songs with my friends. If you're reading this, chances are you're one of them.

I've kept the year end lists and the biographical-ish posts from the past below. If you're into spelunking you can view all the old crap i deleted (prepare yourself for errors) here. I wouldn't recommend it.