Perhaps I was asking too much!

Renata is Ridin' DirtySo... the verbs have come in very slowly - some without photos. I'm going to extend this concept one more week in hopes of getting some great content from all of you. And, just to get your brains-a-moving, i thought i'd share renata's post in advance of the complete mix.

"Ridin' Dirty (Feat. Krayzie Bone)" Chamillionaire - 2006
Renata writes: It’s almost routine for me now … They see me rollin’ / They hatin’ patrollin and tryna catch me ridin’ dirty

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Chicago at Night

I've been wandering out at night to take long exposure photos of big industrial looking stuff just south of downtown. It's been fun - and it got me in the mood to post a few songs with "Chicago" in their title. Each is a favorite of mine for different reasons. I can't help but enjoy a song that makes reference to my city - is that so wrong?

Spoon "Chicago at Night" - iTunes ($)

Low "Hey Chicago" - iTunes ($)

Ben Husmann "Silent Chicago"

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