Perhaps I was asking too much!

Renata is Ridin' DirtySo... the verbs have come in very slowly - some without photos. I'm going to extend this concept one more week in hopes of getting some great content from all of you. And, just to get your brains-a-moving, i thought i'd share renata's post in advance of the complete mix.

"Ridin' Dirty (Feat. Krayzie Bone)" Chamillionaire - 2006
Renata writes: It’s almost routine for me now … They see me rollin’ / They hatin’ patrollin and tryna catch me ridin’ dirty

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Anonymous Margaret Rooney said...

reason #3,824 why Renata is awesome.

Blogger Gary said...

Typical, I find this site and then nothing else gets posted :-(

Blogger ben said...

well, gary, we're reviving it! Sorry for the delay!

Blogger Fluffrick said...

I was beginning to worry that this site had been afflicted by the cease and desist orders that are shutting down so many blogs.

Looking forward to the next mix...

Blogger Gary said...

No problem, thanks Ben. Looks like another good mix this week!


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