Themes for the future

Jane sent me a list last night of some potential future themes. I wanted to keep them handy so i'm posting them here. This friday will be "Songs That Tell A Story." The following friday will be a Labor Day theme (think blue collar, work, hate-work, labor etc...) Here are some fresh ideas for the later ones!

* Ladies First
* Guilty Pleasures
* Novelties
* Great Instrumentals
* Break Up Mixtape
* Love You Mixtape
* Get Political
* From the Movies
* Colors
* Numbers
* Animals
* Geography
* Biographies 
* Fight Songs
* Metaphors (a la "Ignition" - may be tough)
* Foreign Lands (or Language)
* Heaven & Hell
* Delicious Duets
* Planes, Trains & Automobiles
* Best Covers
* One Hit Wonders
* School Days

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