Friday Collective Mixtape #1

Here it is, Friday Collective Mixtape One. Thanks to everyone who participated. Click here to download the whole FCM ONE or hunt and peck below. Thanks to Masha for the photo on the cover. If you like something or hate something or whatever, please make a comment! Some of these files are m4a format, so you should download them all with the link above or right click and save them to your machine. Next week's theme - "Summer Songs."

"Birdhouse In Your Soul" They Might Be Giants - 1990
AJ writes: I chose this one, because it reminds me of my college radio days. We would play it on friday afternoons, and do a little "sing along" with the listening audience. We would turn the mic on and any one who was at the station would come in and sing the line "Who watches over you" along with the song.

"Nothing But Flowers" Talking Heads - 1988
Ben writes: I never heard, or at least didn't notice this song until the summer of 1997. I used to walk/bike around campus and imagine this takeover happening around me - delightful imagery and a really fun groove that's fit for any activity (save mourning).

"Love Plus One" Haircut 100 - 1982
Walt writes: Even though the cover of Haircut 100's debut album screams autumn, their U.S. hit "Love Plus One" simply says summer to me. No matter the season -- all I need to do is pop on LPO and it's the best summer day -- taking a nap with the windows open and a cool summer's breeze blowing through the room and the mid-afternoon dreams flying fast and furious.

"Today" Smashing Pumpkins - 1993
Masha writes: An upbeat, instrumentally beautiful song, seething with angsty lyrics. my memories of it link to seventh and eighth grade summers where it is a soundtrack to being out whole days on bike with my then posse of friends. it resonated with the exhiliration of having such freedom and the sense of adventure possible everywhere.

"My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" Her Space Holiday - 2003
TJ writes: Used to walk to class at Iowa State listening to this song. Brings me back.

"Quarantined" Atlas Sound - 2007
Allison writes: This is a nice little song by Atlas Sound (the solo project of Deerhunter's lead singer) full of shimmering hope, confectionary wistfulness, and the desire to break free from something, anything. It's on one of my fave atmospheric/post-rock labels, Kranky (purveyors of fine music best enjoyed in a dark room, staring at the ceiling, thoughts drifting).

"Baby Black And Blue" The Lizzies - 2005
Jane writes: This song about a "troubled" lass was the result of quite a bit of detective work into the true identities of one of my favorite bands: The Lee Harvey Oswald Band (who never toured, were rarely photographed, and make absolute use of pseudonyms). After following hints and forum suggestions to several dead ends, I figured out who three of the gentlemen were including the unmistakable voice of the singer, Savic Enn who, as it turns out, is somewhat of a recluse who works at a recycling plant in the south. But he is now involved in a side project called The Lizzies with members of Nashville Pussy, and upon finding their myspace page, I was rewarded with a two sample song treasure. My excitement does not diminish the awesomeness of this tune... and if nobody else, Jen Ludwick will appreciate this.

"Pete Standing Alone" Boards Of Canada - 1998
Nick writes: This is from Boards of Canada's third (and breakthrough) album, called "Music Has the Right to Children". Despite its having been out for three years by then, I first discovered it two weeks into my college career, which was probably the best possible time for me to find this band. They followed me through the most formative time of my life, significantly influenced my DJing, and - between this and Kid A, which I bought at the same time! - soundtracked a significant amount of my existence since. Pete Standing Alone isn't the most famous track on MHTRTC by far, and it's far more spare than many of Boards of Canada's tracks, but it's my favorite and the London Philharmonic performed an arrangement of it in 2003, so clearly that gives me license to foist it on all of you.

"Dead Girl" Acid Bath - 1996
Brian writes: Dead girl is one of the first songs I heard from Acid Bath (who was fronted by Dax Riggs). Dax has gone onto front the bands Agents of Oblivion, Deaboy and the Elephantmen, and currently his self-titled solo project. All of these bands are amazing to me, and almost all the songs from all of these bands are special to me. Dead Girl was the first though, so here are 2 versions (v1 = original by Acid Bath...v2 = Agents of Oblivion version - linked below).

"Passenger Seat" Ben Gibbard - 2006
Chris writes: This song is a many things to me, but here are just a few: It's a live recording from a session that Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, one of my all-time faves) did down the street at CRC Studios for a tiny handful of (mostly undeserving) Q101 listeners a couple of years back, and Matt Brelje and I were lucky enough to be in attendance (you can hear me "WHOO" faintly amid claps at the end of the song). This is probably my favorite track off of Transatlanticism and it's one of those songs that gets in your bones - it at one time captured a lot of heartbreak for me, but has now come full circle and captures the great things about life and love, as any good sentimental song should.

"JCB" Nizlopi - 2005
Justin writes: "JCB" is a song recorded by the U.K. duo Nizlopi. I fell upon this song through an animated video that was released for the single placed upon the intrawebs. The animated music video is simply sweet and was very appropriately drawn as a sketch in notebook. It's a beautiful song that reminds me of my childhood and takes me through a slew of memories of hanging out with my Dad (although he did not drive a Digger). I highly recommend that you check out the video as well. I hope it moves you like it did me.

"Red Meets Blue" Matt Wertz - 2004
Margaret writes: Before Justin and I were dating (romantic relationships weren't even on his radar - I had already decided that I was going to marry him), we were listening to music together and this song came on, and he told me he really liked it. I listened to it over and over for the next few weeks, hoping and praying that someday he would feel about me the way the artist felt about the woman he wrote about... needless to say things worked out, and this song is a constant reminder of how it all began.

"100 Years" Blues Traveler - 1990
Christine writes: Heard this back in gradeschool I think. Great voice and amazing ability to walk you through a story.

"Scatterlings of Africa" Juluka - 1982
Sean writes: (nothing?)

"Dead Girl" Agents of Oblivion - 2000
See Brian's "Dead Girl" notes above

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