Friday Collective Mixtape #3 - Cover Songs

FCM #3 - COVERS  This week's theme is "Covers," and we've collectively contributed novelty, sincerity, and reinvention. Click here to download the whole FCM #3 - COVERS or hunt and peck below. If you like something or hate something or whatever, please make a comment! Some of these files are m4a format, so you should download them all with the link above or right click and save them to your machine.

Next week's Theme - Childhood Memories! Songs that were important to you when you were a child, or songs that bring that childish day back to you.

"Ever Fallen In Love" Nouvelle Vague - 2006
Christine writes: Originally from the Buzzcocks (pop-punk band from Manchester) circa 1978. Some of you already have this from a previous swap but for those of you who don't it's worth a listen. I like the original but the cover provides a sweeter side to the lyrics as is Nouvelle's style.

"Pure Imagination" Smoking Popes - 1997
Margaret writes: If you've seen "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" you'll probably recognize this tune. I first heard it a few years ago, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. It's got a killer hook (in my opinion) and I love the Kermit The Frog-like quality of the lead singer's voice. Good stuff.

"Brown Eyed Girl" Everclear - 2000
Walt writes: I love covers, pure and simple. But I hate bad covers. What's a bad cover? One where the artist doesn't make the song his own. That's one of the reasons I love Everclear's cover of Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl." Not only do they put their own spin on the song but they also honor the original in the lyrics. It also doesn't hurt that my blushing bride also has brown eyes.

"Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)" Ted Leo - 2005
Nick writes: I was going to put on the Sea and Cake's cover of Bowie's "Sound and Vision", but it's a bit too rote and boring. I was going to put on Bran Van 3000's cover of "Cum On Feel the Noize", but a previous CD Thursday had the album that that's from. And so here we are. Have Ted Leo singing a thing.

"Cruisin'" D'Angelo - 1995
Bryan writes: How can you not like this song unless your ears were tainted by Gweneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis. The original by Mr. Robinson is great and definitely has that great old school feel/sound to it but i like the way d'angelo gave it a more contemporary feel without destroying it. Plus since its summer, this is a great road trip/driving song.

"Hazy Shade Of Winter" Bangles - 1987
James writes: The Bangles weren't all that bad. Their first album, "All Over the Place," was a fun, jangly, garage pop record. The releases after that were hit or miss, but those few songs that "hit" still hold up today. One of the Bangles' biggest songs wasn't their own; it was as a Simon and Garfunkel song from two decades prior, "A Hazy Shade of Winter." Bangles wired the song through some amplifiers and presented it with a sense of real guitar menace. "A Hazy Shade of Winter" definitely connected on a grand level, snagging the #2 position on the charts in 1987.

"You're So Vain" Faster Pussycat - 1990
Jane writes: Yes, THAT Faster Pussycat. Carly Simon would be rolling over in her... luxurious Southern California 4-poster bed right now if she only knew. But for some reason, the hair metal take on this works. I almost submitted it for last week's "summer songs" theme because it so reminds me of warm nights long ago.

"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Album Version)" Revolting Cocks - 1993
James writes: Revolting Cocks were the "playful," humorous outlet for the malevolent, addicted-to-many-things-that-should've-killed-him-in-the-90s, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen. On this cover song, he and Rev Co "straight man" Chris Connelly eviscerate the uncontested nadir of Rod Stewart's 70s output.

"Baby Got Back" Throwdown - 2001
Justin writes: This song was on an album I bought in high school called "Too Legit for the Pit". It's the best Hardcore to Rap translation I've ever heard. Hands down, .....er uh.... Throwdown.

"Paranoid" Type O Negative - 1992
Brian writes: Type O Negative is definitely one of the most original sounding bands I know of. They have been known to include a cover song on almost all their releases, but they always make that cover their own. They've done everything from Beatles and Santana medley's to reworked versions of Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young and Hey Joe by Hendrix. One of my favorites is their cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid, so here you go.

Honorable mentions that I can send if you are interested:
Dax Riggs acoustic version of Skulls by The Misfits
Ramones cover of I Don't Want to Grow Up by TomWaits (both are awesome)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover of Death is Not the End by Bob Dylan
The Life Aquatic soundtrack (Seu Jorge covering David Bowie)
Faith No More's cover of Easy by Lionel Ritchie

"Hallelujah" David Bazan - 2007
TJ writes: Here is a song that I really love (originally written by Leonard Cohen), done by David Bazan (Pedro the Lion, Headphones). It has it's religious moments here and there :) but I still love it (hopefully it doesn't offend anyone). Check out more of his stuff as well as his other bands if you get the time. I highly recommend him. His voice is one of my favorites.

"Hurt" Johnny Cash - 2003
Chris writes: For me, a good cover song is about taking something familiar and giving it a whole new context or instilling new meaning so that you're hearing that song for the first time, in brand new ways. I love a good cover, and after poring over my collection of great soul covers / cheeky indie covers / updated oldies-but-goodies, I settled on "Hurt," originally written by Trent Reznor and covered here by Johnny Cash. Cash covered this song the year before he died, and it's absolutely haunting and real and honest about life. While Trent's version is a desperate, angsty plea, Cash's version plays as more of a soft surrender to the life he's lead, like he's read the writing on the wall and reflecting on all of life's peaks and valleys. If you haven't seen the video, grab some tissues and click here.

"Atlantic City" Tom Thumb - 2006
Ben writes: Tom Thumb takes the emotion and heart of my favorite Bruce Springsteen song and (because Bruce isn't singing) they put all of it into the music. Their version is true to the essence of the song - but different enough in approach that it works for me.

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Blogger ben said...

okay, this baby got back is awesome and ridiculous

Blogger JVO said...

This is a hint...a mere taste...of all the goodness that's out there.

You should start up a secondary MP3blog dedicated entirely to covers. I'd visit it every day.

Anonymous Justin said...

This is definitely one of my most favorite themes ever! I am really enjoying the selection.

I'm glad you dig "Baby Got Back" the album I pulled that off of was pretty weak but this song was gold. It is easily one of my favorite covers ever!

Blogger Brian said...

Agreed. I considered just creating my own page of cover songs because there are literally hours worth of them that I love.

This theme should be recurring in one way or another.

This batch of songs is awesome!


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