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I feel like i need to make something clear: I love the new Feist record, The Reminder. My last post about Feist came before i heard the entire record, which is fun and beautiful and sexy and warm and springlike. My favorite songs so far? "Brandy Alexander" - "I Feel it all" - "Sea Lion Woman." So... I just had to say, go get that record and let it color your spring the way it's colored mine. Today's nuggets? Nina Simone's "See Line Woman,"

Nina Simone "See Line Woman" - the original to Feist's remake

Elsewhere, Sean at saidthegramophone.com agrees with me about Amy Winehouse's "Me & Mr. Jones" - but he's also posted a great acoustic version of her "Love is a Losing Game"

Feist iTunes ($)



Blogger Hannita said...

Nina Simone is... amazing. She's got such a rich voice. I think knowledge of Nina is the one positive thing I got out of my relationship with my freshman year roommate. Might make that crazy year worth it.

Blogger ben said...

i had a crazy roommate my first year of college too. The only thing i got from it is a great distaste for diet soda and a better appreciation for personal hygene.

Blogger Loren said...

I love Leslie Fiest...I mean her album! Yes, it's very good, top three so far in 2007 for me (Deerhunter, Of Montreal). She draws the obvious comparisons to my other love, Chan, which only wins her more points with me. Did you see her do "I Feel It All" on a bus with Jimmy Kimmel?

On another note, my freshman roommate was cool. His favorite album at the time was Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tinderbox. He would throw it on the record player, crank it, crawl into his top bunk, lay down, fold his hands across his stomach and rock his head back and forth a full 180 degrees but necessarily to the beat. "Oooh-ooo-Oooh, Oh your cities lie in duuust, my friend.."


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