We don't know how. We don't know when.

Secretly Canadian just came out with a compilation where SC artists cover other SC artists' material. The track i'd like to put forward is a great reinterpretation of Scout Niblett's "Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death" by Jens Lekman. Mr. Lekman takes the raw, unpolishedness of Niblett's song and replaces it with a folksy stomp complete with a chorus of voices and whistling. Somehow, he takes the main sentiment of the song (We're all gonna die) and makes it optimistic, even jubilant.

Jens Lekman "Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death"
Scout Niblett "Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death"

Also of note on the SC100 record: Dave Fischoff's version of Damien Jurado's "Abiline" -- click here for a great interview with Dave and a link to the song in question.

SC100 at emusic ($)

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