Songs for Dave to listen to

I'm posting a bunch of songs that i made over the last 10 years or so for dave to sample. They represent a variety of flavors, phases, and styles that i've transitioned through, but each of these songs has held up for me over multiple listens and plays. These are also the songs others tend to respond to. Dave, hopefully this isn't too much. It was hard to get it down to this short list.

Silent Chicago - 2004

Perfect Set - 2004 (m4a: right-click to download)

Always Dancing - 2002
I've never put the effort into making a recording of this song that i like, but the song itself works pretty well when i play it live.

Any Song That Wasn't Sad (Collaboration) - 2000
Any Song That Wasn't Sad (Unarranged)
The first link was part of a mail collaboration with my friend Greg. I recorded acoustic guitar and vocals and sent him the 4track tape. He put in the rest. Later, i recorded a different version with just me and the guitar. I'm posting both for reference.

10.13.97 - 1998
Part of a tape release i put out in 1998 called "One Month to Matrimony." I realize that it's quite a departure from the rest on this list, but i wondered if the open spaces and the 2-part vocal thing in the last half might create some neat opportunities.

Airplane Ride - 1997
Part of a tape release i put out in 1997 called "They May Have Liked Mystery For Its Own Sake." Very lo-fi DIY recording (i was super into sentridoh at this time). Try and ignore the outdated stylings.

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Blogger Greg said...

nice little foray back into those early old days. a recent purchase: a nice new cassette deck so i can resurrect all those mighty feeble tapes, before they turn into memories only.


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