Let's launch them like careening jet planes

This post was first published in CIGIT on 7/14/04. I've been listening to this song quite often lately and i thought it was worth re-posting.

I had thought of posting "Built Then Burnt" a few months back, but it ends abrubtly on its way to the following track on the album. However, today i was making a playlist and the crossfader created a beautiful transition between these two songs so I pieced them together for myself in a permanent fashion. I'm really excited about the Max Richter album, Blue Notebooks, which is superb the whole way through. As for A Silver Mt. Zion, i'm partial to the album entitled He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms. Good Day!
A Silver Mt. Zion "Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!)" / Max Richter "On The Nature Of Daylight"

Richter on iTunes ($)



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