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When i first heard "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse i was immediately and completely floored by the swaggering naughty new/old/soul, so much that it made my top 20 songs of 2006 list. The full record was less impressive to me at the time... then 3 weeks ago i'm waiting for justin at rodan, and i'm thinking "what is this great record they're playing" and after a bit i recognize it - Ms. Winehouse's Back To Black. Context changed everything for me, and now i'm listening and i can't stop. There are a few obvious "hits" on the record (rehab, you know i'm no good, back to black) but this post is my favorite of all of them. For me, it's the perfect juxtaposition of Winehouse's naughty raw drunken bad girl and the sweet old soul vibe of the production. Plus, i love the word "f#$kery."
Amy Winehouse "Me & Mr. Jones"

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Jordan says i've been posting a lot of females. So i have. Next song will be a dude song.

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Blogger Andy said...

The only reason I know Rehab is because it was in your 20 from 2006 list. I actually just deleted it from my iTunes Library a couple days ago. I realized it annoys me and don't have the time. Perhaps I should check out the rest of the record.


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