I am gonna make it through this year, if it kills me

I first heard of The Mountain Goats in 1995 during my complete obsession with Simon Joyner. I was dutifully trying to buy everything Simon put out - which included Why You All So Theif, a split 7" with The Mountain Goats - which is basically a guy named John Darnielle and whatever friends he brings along. It's been years since i actively persued Darnielle's work, but i was completely delighted to get "This Year" on a mix-cd last week. This is a full-band, full-tempo, full-nostalgia song (and the video is really good too). Darnielle has a way of writing songs that you can believe, and i'm inclined to let myself believe this particular one right now. The video is also quite wonderful.
The Mountain Goats "This Year"
iTunes ($)

As a bonus, here's the first Mountain Goats song that i heard and loved, from a split 7" with Simon Joyner called Why You All So Theif?
The Mountain Goats "Going To Tennessee"
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Blogger Hannita said...

Don't know if I can tell you how much I love that "This Year" song. I think it's my new anthem. Thanks.

Blogger ben said...

i'm glad you like it. it is my anthem too, so i guess we'll have to share it... or take turns... you can have it in the evening and i'll take it in the morning.

Blogger Hannita said...

timeshare theme song. hmm...
i find myself changing "year" to week or month or day in my head.


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