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For some reason I just couldn't connect with The Concretes back in 2004 when their self-titled record was released. It might have been due to the fact that i was gobbling up new records at an alarmingly gluttonous pace that year, searching for material to post up on the mp3 blog. At that time, if a record didn't catch me on the first listen, chances are i wasn't coming back for another listen. This song grabbed me last night and arrested my full attention - the simple bass/drums/bells, the spaciousness of it all with it's narcotic guitar and string arrangements. I had to STOP and listen, REALLY listen. That's a good thing. So i'm catching up to The Concretes - going back to pay closer attention, and i really like what i'm hearing.
"Chico" The Concretes

When i was preparing this post i found another version of this song, remixed by The Avalanches. It's quite good too (but the original is better!)
"Chico (Avalanches Remix)" The Concretes

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