You're cheering me up and I'm thanking you

I first heard New Buffalo on a 5-hour mix of music that Dave Fischoff put together for a party that he was DJ-ing back in 2001. This song is from the forthcoming album "Somewhere, Anywhere", a signed copy of which you can order from Australia for $30+. In the meantime, just listen to these silky smooth layers of gorgeous female vocals floating on top a sea laden with acoustic guitar - dodging raindrops of staccato piano and the mingling with the soaring wings of atmospheric strings.
New Buffalo "Cheer Me Up Thank You"

Pre-order ($$$$$$$)

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Blogger Erica Marie Jenks Henry said...

I just started listening to this and Erica, flossing her teeth in the bathroom, ran out and said, "What are you listening to, this is great." I dig it too.

Blogger ben said...

thanks, jordo! glad you like it - and i'm glad you're listening!


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