Sometimes you don't got no room

Billing themselves as "the world's only pop-ragtime duo," these two guys from NYC know how to make a ruckus! The New Rags remind me of a much tighter, more playful version of a band i saw open for John Spencer Blues Explosion in Iowa City many many many years ago (g.nelson just reminded me - the band was Doo Rag but now that i listen i'm not sure why i made that connection). I love the gritty dirty keyboard sound and garage feel, but my favorite part of this song are the "WHOO!" moments - i can imagine playing this song and spontaneously shouting out like that.
The New Rags "Your Room"

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Blogger Alex said...

Cool, I enjoyed this last time around and have even pined for it from time to time.

Blogger ben said...

thanks, alex. The photo you took that felix posted on his blog rocks. what kind of camera are you using?


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