It doesn't have to be so hard

Last night i was at an indoor waterpark in rockford illinois when zion got beaned in the face by a ball. Of course it was past his bedtime and i found myself consoling a 3-year-old screaming child in the middle of wet chaos. After a few minutes of holding him, stroking his head, and singing the chorus of this song over and over he was calmed and ready for another swim. Fulton Lights is the cinematic music of Andrew Spencer Goldman.
Fulton Lights "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

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Blogger Greg said...

i like the weird background noises in this one more than the song itself, which is still pretty good.
i'm happy to see that you're giving the mp3 blogging another go. goodness knows that i could take a lesson or two from your perseverance. my songwriting inspiration has been pretty low lately, but i did buy a new guitar the other day and a great pedal: a black gibson SG and a moogerfooger murf, respectively. some new recordings will be on the way, i've got a feeling. whether or not there are words, who knows?
the wind whips the window.

Blogger ben said...

moogerfooger murf? that sounds more like a sandwich than a pedal. I've always loved the look, feel, and sound of an SG - good purchase. where are you at now with your alphabetical listening? and how bout killing me on a postcard?

Blogger Mat said...

Welcome back Ben. I'm so happy youre doing this again. Hi Greg. Life is so very busy for you and I have no idea how you will find the time but what a great gift this blog has been. Cheers, mate. Mat


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